Interviews with adult educators from Greece

INCrEAsE Interview – Georgios Tsatsas

Profession: Educator – Private Consultant
Organization: In the Private Sector
Country: Greece

Mr. Tsatsas is a psychologist who has worked in education and in the world of business both as an educator and as an advisor. He has worked with young people and with adults, helping them to develop their professional skills and to function in a demanding world which is constantly changing.

INCrEAsE Interview – Anastasia Miliou

Profession: Teacher-researcher/Scientific Supervisor
Organization: Archipelagos – Institute of Marine Conservation
Country: Greece

Mrs. Anastasia Miliou has studied Environmental Biology in England and the last 15 years is the Director of the Scientific Department of the Research Institute “Archipelagos” (

INCrEAsE Interview – Katia Savrami

Profession: University Professor
Organization: University of Patras
Country: Greece

In her Video interview Mrs. Katia Savrami refers to her longtime experience as a University Professor and a Choreologist with her students of Erasmus exchange program.

INCrEAsE Interview – Elli Sarri

Profession: Actor
Organization: Independent Theatre Organization
Country: Greece

Acting, according to the Ancient Greeks is a way to teach. It is a way to informal education. As an Actor, I must be able to communicate with the people seating in front of me in the Theatre Hall, which is not very easy each time.

INCrEAsE Interview – Panos MILIOS

Profession: Educator
Organization: K MILIOS and SIA OE (DIAN)
Country: Greece

Mr. MILIOS is an educator with more than 30 years teaching experience on school students, adults, refugees and migrants.
He has organised training activities in several European countries, with multicultural and multilingual participants.

INCrEAsE Interview – Eleftheria KOUROUPI

Profession: Dance teacher, Educational books writer
Country: Greece

The results and the outcomes of the INCREASE Project will be very useful for me. That is why I will be in close contact with the Greek partner of the project to whom I will transfer my experience from my multicultural and multilingual activities.


Organization: Private Vocational School
Country: Greece

When we started it was something new for us. Now we have several years of experience and we are sure we can manage it with success. As we are getting involved in several EU projects I am sure we will get knowledge and experiences from the results of this project.

INCrEAsE Interview – Mr. KORELLAS

Profession: Owner
Organization: Private Vocational School
Country: Greece

The profession of educator give to us so many challenges every year. Every new group of students has different characteristics, different ways to approach them, different needs and different demands.

INCrEAsE Interview – Stefanos Katsoulis

Profession: PhD student – International Institutions
Organization: Director of UNESCO Youth Club of Thessaloniki
Country: Greece

Multicultural educational methods clearly have a beneficial effect in a classroom. Regardless of the educational context and the specific school environment, students can derive specific benefits resulting from this type of instruction.


Profession: Educational and Research Activities Organizer
Organization: ARCHIPELAGOS Research Institute
Country: Greece

While I am planning the activities I have to take into consideration the fact that the participants have different languages, different religions and different culture. All the programmes we are offering have to be adapted according to the needs of our participants.


Profession: University professor
Organization: Hellenic Open University
Country: Greece

I discover more and more new ways for teaching them studying the international bibliography. I was not lucky because this project came in to our lives just now.