Interviews adult learners

INCrEAsE Interview – Raimonda MICO

Status: Albanian working and living in Greece
Culture: Albanian
Country: Greece

She is of Albanian origin, leaving in Greece the last years. Coming in Greece she could not speak any Greek. Now she has learned enough Greek to be able to communicate in Greek, to work in Greece and to feel equal part of the Greek society

INCrEAsE Interview – Aneda MERE

Status: Albanian working and living in Greece
Culture: Albanian
Country: Greece

She was born in Albania, Tirana, and she came in Greece several years ago. She learned Greek in order to communicate in Greek in her everyday life. She is used to live in Greece, she married in Greece and they all leave in Athens.

INCrEAsE Interview – Albania XIFI

Status: Albanian working and living in Greece
Culture: Albanian
Country: Greece

Her home town is Argyrokasto in Albania. She came to Greece a couple of years ago. She is learning Greek and she is starting to integrate the Greek society and get used to the Greek way of life. She would like to stay in Greece with her family forever.


Status: Working in the beauty sector
Culture: Latin America
Country: Uruguay

Uruguayan immigrant. She moved to Spain 18 years ago. She had no problems in validating in Spain the training obtained in Uruguay. Without any problems regarding integration, she says that there are not many cultural differences between the two countries.


Status: Self-employed worker in agriculture
Culture: Latin America
Country: Paraguay

Paraguayan immigrant. She came to Spain 21 years ago. She has taken many courses and training workshops, evaluating them positively.

INCrEAsE Interview – Anamika Jain

Status: 4th year student, UMF Iasi, English section
Country: UK

Being exposed to an international environment helps the student learn about various domains related to the personal knowledge during the accumulated experiences.

INCrEAsE Interview – Tim Carr

Status: 5th year student, UMF Iasi
Country: UK

The main benefit (compared to UK universities) is the variety of student backgrounds, creating a unique experience. The personal drawback is the early class schedule, although in the long run this also comes as a major preparation element in the carrier of the future physician.

INCrEAsE Interview – Ali Cheaito

Status: OB/GYN Postgraduate Medical Trainee
Culture: Romanian / Lebanese
Country: Romania

Ali Cheaito shares his experience with the University of Medicine and Pharmacy (UMF) from Iasi. He comes from a mixed family, his mother is Romanian and his father is Lebanese. He talks about adapting to life in Romania from a social, cultural and academic perspective.

INCrEAsE Interview – Edwin

Status: Student
Culture: Singaporean
Country: Romania

For me, in my own personal experience today, I’m really, really happy, and every day I’m enjoying the learning experiences, getting to know people, getting to know friends and getting to know the culture, be appreciative of the travel experience around Romania.

INCrEAsE Interview – Joel Theoway

Status: African student moving to Europe
Culture: Liberian
Country: Liberia

In this interview, Joel Theoway describes the “cultural shock” students experience while moving to cultural contexts which are completely different from their own.

INCrEAsE Interview – Sayan Chakrabarti

Status: Student of German language at SIH
Culture: Indian
Country: India

Sayan talks about his experience of coming to Lithuania, challenges he faced, and how he overcame them. He also talks about his German language course, his relationships with other learners and the teacher, and the language barrier.

INCrEAsE Interview – Nicholas Rogerson

Status: Student of Lithuanian language at SIH
Culture: British
Country: United Kingdom

Nick talks about his personal story of moving to Lithuania and his experience of living in Lithuania and other foreign countries. He talks about the language barrier and his language learning experience at SIH.