Objectives of the project

For achieving the above aim the partnership will undertake the following objectives:

– Mapping of the current situation in the matter of multiculturalism in adult education for each partner country to identify the profiles of the trainer of trainers from the perspective of ICC, by production of video testimonials, within O1

– Identification of experiences of adult educators in dealing with multicultural learners, problems/difficulties faced, successful experiences/best practices actions, advice/tips on dealing with multicultural groups of adults; production of the Interactive Map of Multicultural and Multilingual adult educators/learners in EU with focus on knowledge, skills & attitudes, within O1

– Support the adult educators from both formal & non-formal education institutions while working with multicultural & multilingual learners, to use specialized tools to evaluate the stress of acculturation, within O2

– Strengthening ICC of adult educators using the developed training programme & material for self-learning, within O3, O4

– Increasing cultural awareness among adult educators by involving them in piloting, in cascading the newly gained knowledge, experience & expertise during the multiplier events.​