Interviews with adult educators from Italy

INCrEAsE Interview – Lavinia Bracci, Elena Cellai, Fiora Biagi

Profession: Adult educators
Organization: Siena Italian Studies – Nuova Associazione Culturale Ulisse
Country: Italy

In this interview, Lavinia Bracci, Elena Cellai and Fiora Biagi contribute trough sharing their long experience as adult educators to better define what is meant by intercultural communication: required skills, necessary competences, difficulties met, main challenges.

INCrEAsE Interview – Jessica Colombo

Profession: Adult educator
Organization: Freelance
Country: Italy

In this interview, Jessica Colombo addresses a topic which is crucial in intercultural communication, even if it is frequently underestimated: the body language.

INCrEAsE Interview – Alessandra Viviani

Profession: University lecturer – Adult educator
Organization: University of Siena
Country: Italy

In this interview, Alessandra Viviani discusses about some teaching methodologies which revealed to be successful in dealing with multicultural adult learners. Amongst them, she mainly focuses on roleplay and teamwork.

INCrEAsE Interview – Cristina Demartis

Profession: Adult educator
Organization: Global Factory
Country: Italy

In this interview, Cristina Demartis overcomes the classical division between formal and informal teaching approach, suggesting a mixed approach, which also means accompanying adult learners to discover the services they can take advantage from.

INCrEAsE Interview – Silvia Ciotti

Profession: senior researcher, trainer and consultant
Organization: EuroCrime SrL independent research centre
Country: Italy