E-book “Enhancing Intercultural Communicative Competence”, it is a self-learning resource for adult educators, accessible in E-book format.

The e-book is based on the developed programme of the INCrEAsE project on Intercultural Communicative Competences for adult educators working with multicultural and multilingual learners. The E-book consist of the self-guided professional development material as well as the selected examples of the most relevant case studies and good practices, supported with a variety of practical training activities, examples, exercises, tests, etc.

The e-book is freely accessible in its entirety from the project website, in the form of “epub” file extension. EPUB is supported by many e-readers, and compatible software is available for most smartphones, tablets, and computers.

E-book “Enhancing Intercultural Communicative Competence”

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How do I open an EPUB file?

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ePUB Reader is the best way to open EPUB files on Windows phones.

  1. Download and install the ePUB Reader.
  2. Save your EPUB files on SkyDrive.
  3. Open the app.
  4. Swipe right twice and you will be on the Source page.
  5. Tap on Sky Drive and sign in.
  6. Select the EPUB file you want to open.

How do I open EPUB files on my phone?


  1. Copy all epub files to your Android device.
  2. Open Universal Book Reader. The first time you start it, you will see some tips about the app’s features. …
  3. The app will now ask you if you want to import all ebooks. Tap the Yes button and all the ebooks on your device will show up in the app automatically.


The book presents the overall findings of the implementation of the INCrEAsE project and acts as a guidance material for adult educators working in multicultural environments.

The book is available in English and it is published by the Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza Iasi Publisher, 2021, ISBN: 978-606-714-677-6

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