Interviews with adult educators from Lithuania

INCrEAsE Interview – Nerijus Kriauciunas

Profession: Youth Trainer
Organization: International Youth Work Trainers Guild
Country: Lithuania

In this interview, Nerijus talks about why ICC skills are important in Lithuania – to the society in general and especially to adult educators.

INCrEAsE Interview – Mindaugas Reinikis

Profession: Business consultant
Organization: A wide range of organizations (including but not limited to Association of Lithuanian aviation, Association of National Press, Lithuania – China business council, Lithuanian Sports University, etc.)
Country: Lithuania

Mindaugas talks about the importance of ICC skills in a variety of contexts – business, NGO, governmental institutions, etc. He tells about his ICC skill development experience.

INCrEAsE Interview – Renata Zuk

Profession: English and Russian teacher
Organization: Soros International House
Country: Lithuania

Renata gives a useful overview of the multicultural situation in Lithuania. She also talks about her ICC skill development experience when working with foreign students and gives advice on which activities to use with different groups of adult learners.

INCrEAsE Interview – Donaldas Duskinas

Profession: Professional coach and trainer
Organization: Freelance
Country: Lithuania

Donaldas talks about his extensive training experience and challenges faced throughout the years. In one particularly interesting example about challenges faced in Russia, he warns about potential problems and also informs about the possible solutions and ways to overcome them.

INCrEAsE Interview – Kenneth Finley

Profession: English Teacher, Civics Instructor
Organization: Freelance, American Councils Civics Education Center
Country: USA

Ken talks about his extensive international experience working in many different countries around the world and working with a multitude of intercultural adult learners.

INCrEAsE Interview – Inga Jagelaviciute

Profession: Adult Educator, Director of an Adult Education Center
Organization: Vilnius Gabrielė Petkevičaitė-Bitė Adult Education Centre
Country: Lithuania

Inga talks about an increasing need for ICC development skills to adult educators in Lithuania. She mentions a few teaching methods they use with multicultural learners at the center. Inga also talks about some challenges and success stories in formal adult education.

INCrEAsE Interview – Arune Taunyte

Profession: Non-formal Adult Educator
Organization: Freelance
Country: Lithuania

Arune speaks about her ICC development experience and the importance of ICC skills in everyone’s lives. She also mentions some success stories and gives examples of benefits and effects that ICC training has on learners.

INCrEAsE Interview – Genutė Gedvilienė

Profession: Doctor of Social Sciences, Professor
Organization: Academy of Education
Country: Lithuania

I think the difference is foreign students are bolder and easily and quickly engage in the discussion, or even initiate the discussion themselves. Lithuanians are more closed, but the situation is improving.

INCrEAsE Interview – Irena Žemaitaitytė

Profession: Professor, Deputy director
Organization: Mykolas Romeris University’s Institute of Educational Sciences and Social Work
Country: Lithuania

Always respect the learner, do not try to show that you know better because the learner may actually know better than you. They may express their knowledge differently, but they have a lot of their own experience.

INCrEAsE Interview – Vilija Lukošūnienė

Profession: Chairwoman of the Board, LAAE Expert on Project Activities, Doctor of Social Sciences, Expert of Adult Education
Organization: Lithuanian Association of Adult Education (LAAE)
Country: Lithuania

It is necessary, first of all, to familiarize yourself with the basic features of one culture or another, but not to regard them as stereotypical and not to follow that knowledge blindly; you need to monitor the people you interact with.